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1z0-809Exam Code: 1z0-809
Exam Name: Java SE 8 Programmer II
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1z0-809 Latest Test Guide Files Total Q&A: 128 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 06-11,2017

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1Z0-899Exam Code: 1Z0-899
Exam Name: Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert Exam
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1Z0-899 Valid Test Guide Files Total Q&A: 108 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 06-11,2017

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NO.1 A cookie may be set to be an HttpOnly cookie. Setting a cookie to be HttpOnly results in.
(Choose two)
A. There is no such thing as an HttpOnly cookie
B. Client to not expose the cookie to client side scripting code
C. prevent certain types of cross-site scripting attacks
D. Does not work with https protocol
Answer: B,C

NO.2 Which defines the welcome files in a web application deployment descriptor?
A. <we1come-file-list>
< welcome-file> welcome .jsp</welcome-file>
< welcome-file>/index.html</welcome-file>
< /welcome-file-list>
B. <we1come-file-list>
< welcome-file> welcome .jsp</welcome-file>
< welcome-file>index.html</welcome-file>
< /welcome-file-list>
C. <welcome>
< welcome- file >/ welcome - jsp</welcome-file>
< /welcome>
< welcome>
< welcome-file>/index-html</welcome-file>
< /welcome>
D. <welcome>
< welcome-file>welcome.jsp</welcome </we1come >
< /welcome >
< welcome-file>index.html<//welcome-file>
< /we1come >
E. <welcome>
< welcome-file>
< welcome-name> welcome </welcome-name>
< location> welcome.jsp </location>
< /welcome-file>
< welcome-file>
< welcome-name>index</welcome-name>
< location> index </location>
< /welcome-file>
< /welcome>
Answer: B

1Z0-899 Certification   

NO.3 Given:
11. <%
12. request.setAttribute ("vals", new String[] {"1", "2", "3", "4"});
13. request.setAttribute ("index", "2");
14. %>
15. <% - - insert code here - - %>
Which three EL expressions, inserted at line 15, are valid and evaluate to "3"? (Choose three)
A. ${vals} [index]
B. ${vals.index}
C. ${vals[index] }
D. ${vals. (vals.index) }
E. ${vals.2}
F. ${vals ["2"] }
G. ${vals [vals[index-1]] }
Answer: C,F,G

NO.4 A web application uses a cookies to track a client as it navigates through the pages that
constitutes the application. Which code snippet can be used by the web application to reduce the
chance of a cross-site scripting attack by setting some property of the cookie before returning it to
the client?
A. cookie.setSecure(true)
B. cookie.setPath("/")
C. cookie.setHttpOnly(true)
D. cookie.setMaxAge(3600)
Answer: C

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Explanation: When HTTPOnly flag is assigned to a cookie, the browser will restrict the access to such
Cookie from Java Script code hence the cookie would only be sent to the subsequent request to
server but cannot be accessed using client side script. In such a case even if website is vulnerable to
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, still the browser would safeguard the data stored into cookies
flagged as HTTPOnly.
Not D: If Secure flag is set for Cookie then it may only be transmitted over secure channel
(SSL/HTTPS) ensuring that data is always encrypted while transmitting from client to server.